Music Videos
Like Pacific - 22A
Lou Phelps - Average (Ft. Kallitechnis)
Pacanomad - Dreamchaser
Seaway - Slam
Knuckle Puck - Evergreen
Harlow - Just Me
Jape - U Better
No King For Countrymen - Days Like These
Exalt - Worship
Crystalyne - Let's Do Something Crazy
Coldfront - Shed Light
Ballroom Babies - I Won't Change
Coldfront - Molly Blooms
Letdown - The Bottom
Rynheart - Fabulous Nobodies
Harlow - Better Off Alone
Neck Deep - Serpents
Knuckle Puck - Pretense
Sparrows - References To The Dead
Like Pacific - Distant
Ready The Prince - Drunk Without A Drug
Seaway - Best Mistake
Exalt - Deafen
Seaway - Freak
No King For Countrymen - Hospital Beds
Seaway - Alberta

Like Pacific - Eviction
Gob - Radio Hell
Aukland - Doing It Right
Seaway - Your Best Friend
No King For Countrymen - Unrehearsed
Capstan - Drifter
Coldfront - Scratch The Surface
Seaway - Slowing Down
Knuckle Puck - Give Up
Seaway - Shy Guys

Reaching Around The United Kingdom
Jazz Cartier - 
Prince Of The City
Going Down On America
A128: A Documentary About Illustration

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eOne Films Canada
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The Yacht Week
Can't Forget Italy
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Jazz Cartier
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